Wishful thinking…

Here in Minnesota, for once in a very long while, we had been enjoying a mild March and beginning of April. Early as it may have seemed, I did get out on those beautifully sunny days to get much needed spring clean-up work done in the gardens.

But the clever North wind had other plans. A Spring snow yesterday turned our color palette from tender green shoots peeking through the soil and tired brown meadow grasses to a monotonous, blanketed, white, reminding us once again that we can never count on April to be fully on our side.

  • the sundial, just set Saturday, got its first dose of winter’s longevity
  • newly installed bees hunkered in their hives clustered together for warmth
  • bluebirds had to sift through ice and snow for their breakfast of live mealworms that I put out for them. Insects are scarce this time of year.
  • and those tender, green shoots will have to wait for the sun’s warming rays to defeat the snow so they can continue their path upwards.

Enjoy your day!

#nature #snowinmn #springsnow #bluebirds

Pandemic: We can control our destiny. Be smart, wear a mask, social distance.

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