Pictures of Home Reno

After my long winded explanation (which could have gone on forever) about our home renovation and expansion, here are some photos of the destruction. If you don’t mind, all remaining photos will be directly under the “Home Renovation Tab.” #homerenovation #homeremodel #homeexpansion #homedecor #redecorate #pandemic #coronavirus Pandemic: I wish everyone would wear a mask. A … More Pictures of Home Reno

Home Renovation

My husband had been hankering for the past couple years to do some remodeling/renovating of our 20-year old home. For those two years, I thwarted him as best I could. Change, was not my strong suit. One April 29th, 2019 when the excavators rolled onto our property, I knew I had lost the battle. OK, … More Home Renovation

The Sundial

I’m going to start off by telling you that my husband and I have very good friends who live in Oxfordshire, England. My husband met them, via email, while searching for dealers who specialized in British antiquities for the outdoors. We have been fortunate to spend time with them when we travel to Britain, and … More The Sundial