The addition – part 1

We added a 12-foot addition on the left side of the house. It included both the upper and lower levels. The image that you see on the home page is the back and side of the addition. It was our goal to make sure that everything we did to the house ended up looking as though it had always been there. That is why working closely with the architect was so important. These photos are just of the construction of the addition.

Addition of retaining wall. Those boulders were re-used from previous positioning. As you can see from the lines of the addition, 12 feet from the back of the house is different from 12 feet from the front of the house. We kept the same lines as before when we added on.
Stone work and window installs on front of house
Bluestone patio area off of Phil’s study. Still needs to be acid washed.
Completed…on the outside. Trust me, lots of landscaping to be done!

More photos of the inside of the renovation coming.

#renovation #homerenovation #remodel #building

Pandemic: If your state is allowing safe outdoor activities, like Gov. Walz did here in Minnesota, please still practice safe distancing and mask wearing.

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