The Dining room and Powder room

The fixes in these two rooms were fairly small…comparatively. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, in order to make the house proportions correct in relation to the construction of the vestibule, the front facing walls of these two rooms had to be butt-out by 20 inches, and roof lines adjusted.

In both rooms (along with the rest of the house) the ceilings were sanded down and re-plastered, but in the dining room a cove ceiling was created. The plaster was manipulated by a craftsman’s hand and trowel who painstakingly made sure every angle and curve was perfect.

digging deep — having to go below the frost line for footers. We are in front of the dining room windows and powder room is around the corner.
Dining room to the left. Coved ceiling. Also note, floors have been refinished to a nice warm walnut brown. Vestibule with baby grand piano inside!

Powder room. After the room was enlarged, the bench was made to match the antique finish on the vanity and add balance to the room. New window and wallpaper. Everything else was already there. A plant and paintings came later.

Enjoy your day!

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