My yard in color

Even with the mild to moderate drought we have been living through here in Minnesota, and an extreme thread of 90+ degree weather (the hottest start to the month of June on record!), the perennials have been working hard to produce their blooms. As much as I can water, nothing takes the place of rain. … More My yard in color

Bird Update!

Well, the chickadees that roosted in one of the bluebird boxes have grown to a fledgling size. I watched as they fledged, all five spilling out of the box one after the other, fluttering around the height of their home while trying to figure out which branch was closest to land on. Now the box … More Bird Update!

Beautiful Specimens

(Cover photo of peacock taken in Kyoto Garden, London) Now, to more local feathered friends. These birds come to the yard and pond in early spring and beyond and just bring joy to the yard. Most were happy to pose! Look at these plump drakes, After the Mallards come the Wood Ducks. Here is a … More Beautiful Specimens

Love is in the air

Mother Nature can be a real you-know-what come Spring. She becomes the female version of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. From sunshine and 70’s to clouds and 30’s, chilling rains and snowy afternoons, from one day to the next and sometimes, from hour to hour, you just don’t know what weather you’re going to get! … More Love is in the air