Be watchful of little ones

All through the yard there is a game of hide and seek taking place. Under leaves, under brush, in meadow grasses, in nesting boxes, tiny creatures are hiding. We just have to watch for them, adjust our eyes, and they can be found.

Please, do not! pull your milkweed. Even if it is in the wrong spot. There is activity on those leaves…

A monarch lays her eggs on the leaves and,

Tiny in size but bold in color, this little guy has found his perch. There for minutes at a time all throughout the day, he guards his territory. I know!! there is a nest somewhere nearby, but I just can’t find it.

Look at that collar.

So small and fragile when born, we have to wait until mama will take her fawn out in public. Still small enough to be hidden by the tall meadow grass, eventually I get a glimpse.

And this morning at around 5:30, mom and babe were lolling at the bank of the pond.

Secure and safe in a nest inside a nesting box, this — easily — one-day old bluebird chick is completely dependent on mom and dad for life. Its eyes haven’t even opened yet and no feathers — just some fluff. I think it is on top of an egg because there were a total of five to start. I’ll keep an eye out.

The pheasants have been busy! 11 chicks! They stay very close to the tall grasses, darting in and out, and blending quite well with the brown undergrowth. When traveling as a family unit, mom and dad take the front and rear.

One lone chick is joined by more siblings…
Great cover.
Time to go.

And, of course, we can’t forget our pollinators. Tiny, but industrious, we can’t do without these ladies, or the mighty bumblebee.

As I always say, keep your eyes open, watch, something is always happening!

2 thoughts on “Be watchful of little ones

    1. A hummingbird. He sits there long enough for me to get great photos! When the sun hits his throat, it just shines!


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