Who’s there

This time of year there is always something to do in the yard. After the initial, early spring clean-up after the snow has melted and mother nature gives us warmer days to work, there is much more work to be done. As plants come up and my oaks, which don’t lose most of their leaves … More Who’s there

My little ecosystem

This Memorial Day weekend offered up beautiful scenes that I was lucky enough to capture on film…well, digital (just doesn’t sound as good). And, it got me thinking. I do not live on a marshland where wildlife abounds naturally. Over the years, I had to create an environment that would attract wildlife. I had the … More My little ecosystem

The Creek Bed

Landscaping isn’t just about putting new plants in a particular place. It is about creating a mood, a style and image of what you see in your mind’s eye and making it happen. Your “touch” needs to be involved in order to give your outdoor living area a soul… your soul. Everyone can see it … More The Creek Bed

The Sundial

I’m going to start off by telling you that my husband and I have very good friends who live in Oxfordshire, England. My husband met them, via email, while searching for dealers who specialized in British antiquities for the outdoors. We have been fortunate to spend time with them when we travel to Britain, and … More The Sundial