A rose by any other name…

Needless to say, the home renovation/addition project took out much of my “up around the house” landscaping. Thankfully, most of the backyard was spared as was some of the front.

This year, of course, I am planting furiously after a winter season of planning out what I wanted where. Trees and larger shrubs; a new pollinator garden; a flowering facade in front of retaining walls will be planted by my landscaper’s crew next week (I can’t wait!). I’ll do the “filling in.”

On the outside wall of the covered porch where the open archways and fireplace/chimney are, Phil had wanted yellow roses on the sides of the chimney. I did not object. Anemonies, wind flowers, in white and pink bloomers covered the remaining area — 25 plants in all.

I chose a variety called “High Voltage,” a Minnesota hardy repeat-bloomer, softly fragrant, climbing rose. It will bloom into the fall, and only get about five feet tall. I bought larger specimens — they weren’t cheap — so I wanted to plant them properly. What a chore! No wonder I don’t plant a ton of roses! Digging the hole sooo big, prepping the soil, making sure the crown of the rose is at the right height to the ground — exhausting.

Well, I must have planted the roses just so, because they are thriving. Hallelujah! Buds abound. But just in the past couple days I watched as a bloom unfurled and greeted the area with a sun-colored kiss.

And so many more to come. Very satisfying. One area down, a lot more to go!

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