My yard in color

Even with the mild to moderate drought we have been living through here in Minnesota, and an extreme thread of 90+ degree weather (the hottest start to the month of June on record!), the perennials have been working hard to produce their blooms. As much as I can water, nothing takes the place of rain. … More My yard in color

A great day!

Yesterday was a red-letter day. I got my first Covid shot! It was easy, simple, fast and painless. I had it done at our local hospital, Lakeview, and they did a fantastic job. They were friendly, efficient, kind, and happy for every recipient that I saw walk through the door. What an uplifting environment. I … More A great day!

My Garden Plots

Off to one side of the backyard and about 30 yards from the back of the driveway I have 6 gardening plots. They are all 6×8 feet in size. In the early Spring I decide what herbs and vegetables will go where come warmer weather. While having to tend to a large area of land … More My Garden Plots

The Poppy

I love poppies. A large expanse of poppies would be exquisite. The red poppies that take over the field adjacent to the walls of St. Paul Asylum in Saint Remy-de-Provence where Van Gogh stayed are gorgeous…and legendary. But the problem for me is two-fold: The bloom time — extremely short 2. I’m cursed when it … More The Poppy