A great day!

Yesterday was a red-letter day. I got my first Covid shot! It was easy, simple, fast and painless. I had it done at our local hospital, Lakeview, and they did a fantastic job. They were friendly, efficient, kind, and happy for every recipient that I saw walk through the door. What an uplifting environment.

I feel such a sense of relief, of freedom. Like I can finally take a breath, walk outside and in society without thinking that a Covid germ is going to attach itself to me. Even though it has only been a day, I’m whisking my mask off with reckless abandon as I leave the stores that I visit on a daily basis. Caution be damned. (Yes, yes, I will still adhere to State guidelines, but c’mon, let me have this one.)

But as I woke yesterday, readying for my excursion to immunization freedom, I knew it would be a great day. The tulips that sit on the center table in the foyer had opened to the extreme and the morning sun was streaming through the petals. It was gorgeous. Of course, I grabbed my camera and took some shots.

I really zoomed in on this next shot to reveal how beautiful the petals look up close. They look like painted feathers, strokes from a one-bristled brush blending the perfect combination of colors. Nature is incredible.

Whoever thought someone could include a Covid shot and tulips one the same page? But, hey, I think it works.

And by the way, 21 days from now when I get my second shot, beware of what I might do!

#Covidshot #tulips

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