A breakfast fit for…

well…anyone. Who doesn’t love breakfast?! There are so may delicious options to choose from — waffles, pancakes, crepes, eggs, bacon, toast with jam, bagels with creme cheese. I’d continue with more options but I’m ready to head back into the kitchen for “2nd breakfast” (“Lord of the Rings” fans will recognize the reference). Lately, Phil … More A breakfast fit for…

Beef Wellington

I felt it necessary this year to do something a little different for Christmas dinner. I usually do a beef tenderloin as the main course, but this year, even though everyone wanted a tenderloin, I thought I’d “amp it up.” Enter Beef Wellington — a beautiful marriage of beef, mushrooms, prosciutto, and puff pastry. I … More Beef Wellington

Making Dolma

As I mentioned in a previous post, my mother and two of my sisters, Caryn and Jessica, came to visit a couple weekends ago. Once we get into the kitchen, we are an unstoppable force. I think we could whip up a full wedding menu in two days if we had to. But not so … More Making Dolma


I call the scones that I make little jewel boxes. They are full of bite-sized fruits plumped up with orange-zested water. Their colors peek out the sides of the pastry and when cut into, dot the cooked dough with precious gem-like colors. These scones are delicious. It is a recipe by Martha Stewart from a … More Scones

Soufflés are wondrous puffs of deliciousness

Sweet or savory, I make them all. My first soufflé was Julia Child’s Chocolate Soufflé from her “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking.” It was beyond delicious. A crowned puff of cloud able to hold itself upright, until you dive two spoons into its middle and scoop up the airy, chocolatey, steamy hot concoction. “The … More Soufflés are wondrous puffs of deliciousness