Blueberry “hand pies”

Who doesn’t love a pie. The possibilities are endless — fruits, savory, chocolates, minced, meat — and you can construct them however you want — pie tin, tart, rustic, lattice top, crumble top. A true pie is most easily eaten at a table. The filling spills from both sides and can be messy, needing to eat it with a fork.

Enter the “hand pie.” 3 1/2″ square, crimped on all sides, and baked until the filling is bubbly and hot! And…simple to eat. It can even be considered a grab and go, wrapping it in a napkin. Think of these for a picnic basket, or a treat for yourself while resting in a hammock, or pulling weeds.

The recipe comes from the King Arthur Flour company, on their cooking blog site. I followed the directions. Although their photo looks more like a puff pastry, it is simply a dough that is folded over and onto itself several times, but it is not a true puff pastry. I like the dough the way it is because it holds the edges together.

Truly delicious.

#cooking #baking #blueberrypie

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