Crabapple trees and honey bees

Is there anything more startling beautiful than a crabapple tree in full bloom? Take your pick of colors — red, pink, white — the blooms overtake the tree and turn it into a fairy tale paradise.

During the time of bloom, which unfortunately is not long enough, but makes us truly appreciate the splendor, the honey bees flock to the flowers. I can stand under a tree, close my eyes, and hear the humming of thousands of bees collecting pollen. Open your eyes, refocus them, and the humming comes to life as the bees flit from one bloom to another, back legs laden with pollen.

I recently went into my front island, which is a large expanse, and the front of it (facing the street) has five crabapple trees in it. Other crabs are doted throughout the yard. Under a deep pink blooming tree I listened and watched. Please enjoy.

Please remember that without these pollinators none of this exquisite beauty and cycle of the environment would be possible.

#honeybees #honeybeesinmn #nature #backyardbeekeeping #hobbybeekeeping

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