I saw the comet last night! Not only was I struck by the sight, but how long the tail was! I don’t think many people know about it because all anyone is talking about these days is Covid, politics, and other charged topics. So, brightening with a new space discovery, this comet will remind you … More Comet NEOWISE


I’m irritated about something. I am of an age that I will not divulge and in very good shape. I am able to shift around very heavy bee boxes, lift 50 lb. bags of feed corn, etc. for my feathered friends, and do yard work for hours on end. I also exercise three times a … More Coronavirus

I couldn’t resist

These were sent to me in an email. They are just too funny. Hopefully it will brighten your day!! A summary of some of the best little funnies circulatingšŸ˜  *  Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.  *  … More I couldn’t resist

I’ll wake up to…

a morning scene like this anytime. A soft snowfall fell silently last night. No drama –howling winds, swirling tornados of snowflakes — just a gentle, pleasing descent of snow that one might want to take a walk in. It wasn’t much — a couple of inches — but enough to put a fresh coat on … More I’ll wake up to…