I saw the comet last night! Not only was I struck by the sight, but how long the tail was! I don’t think many people know about it because all anyone is talking about these days is Covid, politics, and other charged topics. So, brightening with a new space discovery, this comet will remind you of the glory of space and all the amazing things that happen in our solar system.

It isn’t hard to spot and actually can be seen with the naked eye. A clear sky is a must. Binoculars definitely help so I went outside with my birding binocs and looked towards the sky. As told, I looked for the big dipper and scrolled down. I started at 9, but it was still too bright. Three tries later and at 10:00 pm, looking right where NASA told me to, I spotted it — between the bottom of the big dipper and the horizon. As I stood on my driveway, I am thankful that the comet stayed between two evergreen trees. Between swatting mosquitoes and setting the aperture, I was able to produce some shots I’m not too ashamed of.

Fun facts about the comet:

  • Discovered on March 27, 2020 by NASA’s “Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer,” hence the name, NEOWISE.
  • Right now it is traveling through the inner solar system before it enters into deep space.
  • The comet will not be back for 6,800 years! so get out there!
  • NEOWISE is visible shortly after sunset in the NorthWest sky. Look underneath the Big Dipper.
  • Scientists say that a “split” tail is sometimes visible, but I couldn’t see it. Maybe with a telescope.
  • Go to NASA’s website to get more information.

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