Out of the blue

It had been quite some time since I had seen the Canadian geese family. The last look I had of the six goslings was when they were still a bit gangly and covered in their downy feathers, their wings still too small to even contemplate flight.

Wednesday afternoon while in the kitchen, some movements in the backyard caught my eye — eight geese walking nonchalantly down to the pond. I thought how odd that there would be random geese deciding, at this moment, to visit my pond.

But then I noticed the distinct pattern of parents flanking their offspring. Sure enough, it was the family that stayed on the pond most of the spring. Certainly not much difference in appearance to their parents except for size, the offspring stayed together while the parents kept a still watchful eye.

As I watched the group I noticed that they seemed very content and at ease as their patterns mimicked those of a couple months ago — walking through the backyard; resting by the pond, sitting in the shade; gliding on the pond, still just as close as they were as true younglings.

Take a good look at this photo of the goslings resting, and the two in the middle nuzzling each other.

I could note, however, their distinctive juvenile behavior and willingness to still “be kids” as they played on the pond.

I hope you enjoy the adjoining video. While in the backyard tending to the vegetable gardens, I heard such a ruckus on the pond. Dropping my trowel, I rounded the taller meadow grass to get a better view. I’ve never seen the like — the goslings turning in the water, slapping their wings on the water, practicing wing flight — just simply having a good time as I’m sure perfecting some much needed adult lessons. I was mesmerized until I thought of taking a video. I quick ran to grab my phone and pressed “go.” I captured the tail end of the spectacle, but I think you’ll get the gist. If they were to be graded, I’d give them all an “A.”

#nature #canadiangeese #goslings

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