My Garden Plots

Off to one side of the backyard and about 30 yards from the back of the driveway I have 6 gardening plots. They are all 6×8 feet in size. In the early Spring I decide what herbs and vegetables will go where come warmer weather.

While having to tend to a large area of land with plenty of flower beds which take time to manage, these plots are the perfect size. They are easy to plan and easy to maintain, while giving me enough space to plant everything that I’d like. This time of year they really start to take off.

This is the herb garden, with nasturtiums lining one side.

Along side is a vegetable garden which I sometimes switch up. I always plant potatoes — a few different varieties, and kale. We love kale chips. If you want the recipe let me know. I’m happy to share — so easy. Next to the kale is something I’ve never planted before — brussel sprouts. I also planted french radishes, garlic and shallots down the middle of the plot.

Next is tomatoes. You must have tomatoes! The only variation from year to year is what variety to plant. I like to stick with sweet cherry tomatoes — so fun just to pick and eat, and differing heirloom tomatoes for salads, sandwiches, etc.

You also have to have cucumbers. The only variety that I like to grow is the pickling kind. No, I don’t pickle them but I know I should one day. Can anybody help me out with a good recipe? They are the perfect size for eating as is (with a salt shaker), plus are very prolific. I love them right off the vine, still warm from the sun. Behind the cucumbers, in the last plot, I planted a couple watermelon seeds — black diamonds. Best watermelon ever. Always sweet. Now I just have to hope they grow in time! I used to have raspberries in that area for years, but the birds, bees, deer got to them before I did, even if they were covered. So, enough. This season I pulled them up and tried something new.

Last but not least, I have a cutting flower bed. I know I call it “cutting” but I never seem to bring a bouquet inside. I just enjoy watching the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds come to the flowers and flit from one to the other. Always zinnias of different varieties and coleus. Big siberian iris bloom on the side of the plot in the spring. They are there until I find a new home for them. Maybe next to the hollyhocks?

And by the way, I am writing this entry on the porch. While sitting at the table a juvenile Carolina wren came by to keep me company. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras. The pics are just ok. They flit from here to there pretty quickly.

on the fireplace hearth
checking out each arm of the chair

These juveniles are from the parents first brood. I heard hatchlings in the nest yesterday while watching mom and dad dutifully bring them food.

Enjoy these lovely summer days.

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3 thoughts on “My Garden Plots

  1. Enjoyed your post and seeing your garden plots. I have a Cutting Garden, too, but it might as well be called the Sloped Flower Border Behind the Potager, because I rarely cut a bouquet. I’d like to say I watch the butterflies, but other than cabbage butterflies, there have been so few this year that it is scary! Each year I’m seeing fewer and fewer, even though I haven’t used pesticides for forty years. However, I live in farm country, and the sprays can drift 5 miles even on a fairly still day…..


    1. I’m sorry that you do not have many butterflies this year. Ag sprays can be treacherous to our wonderful and necessary pollinators. When I became a beekeeper six years ago, I went fully organic and thankfully don’t have too many “spraying” issues. I hope you have an abundance of butterflies next season!


    2. I failed to mention in my reply that your gardens look amazing! Am looking forward to visiting your site more often.


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