I’m irritated about something.

I am of an age that I will not divulge and in very good shape. I am able to shift around very heavy bee boxes, lift 50 lb. bags of feed corn, etc. for my feathered friends, and do yard work for hours on end. I also exercise three times a week.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of corona, I am not healthy. I do suffer from a couple of auto-immune diseases (that I have under control — they do not rule my life, thankfully) and have an immune system that has been put to sleep by medication. This, of course, could make it harder for me to recover if I were to get the virus.

So here is my irritation — why, oh why, do people NOT WEAR MASKS?!

When I allow myself time to go run a few errands, I am armed with mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. But I am shocked by how many people still are not wearing masks. There is no excuse — they can be made in five minutes, or you can use a bandana, scarf, t-shirt, no one cares what you wear, as long as you wear one. I was at the grocery store today for a few items. It is not a high density store and customers are able to keep their distance. But I will not go down an aisle if someone is already in the aisle without a mask. And I certainly cannot understand when I see an older person without a mask. At the check out, although they have the plexiglass between cashier and customer, some of the cashiers still do not wear masks. I had to wait in line for a cashier who was wearing a mask. I thanked her.

Don’t people understand that they aren’t necessarily protecting themselves when they wear a mask, but protecting others around them — friends, loved ones, work companions, even strangers.

If we want to be able to get outside when the weather truly turns beautiful, then we have to play by the rules now. Please, if anyone reads this, wear a mask and pass the message along. We don’t want second and third waves.

Everyone deserves protection from this disease. Quarantining, wearing a mask, washing your hands, social distancing, is still the best solution.

#coronavirus #covid19 #corona #pandemic

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