I’ll wake up to…

a morning scene like this anytime.

A soft snowfall fell silently last night. No drama –howling winds, swirling tornados of snowflakes — just a gentle, pleasing descent of snow that one might want to take a walk in. It wasn’t much — a couple of inches — but enough to put a fresh coat on a landscape in need of a touch up. Looking out my back windows early this morning, I woke to a quiet, muffled morning still waiting to wake up. This is when I like to keep the lights off and drink my coffee, waking the same way as the new day. Calmly. Serenly.

Enjoy your day.


#snowfallinmn #nature #zerotohero

2 thoughts on “I’ll wake up to…

  1. Julie,
    So glad to see your new sight. Your mother-in-law turned me on to your original one and was so sad to see it go. Spreading the word here at the Pines at Davidson. Keep up your wonderful work!


    1. John,
      I am so glad to be renewing my site and am completely happy that you are enjoying it! I hope to keep you interested!


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