Welcome to My New Site

Firstly, please be patient while my site is “under construction.” I am re-learning how to use WordPress, and am the happy recipient of my eldest son’s “more-than-a-girlfriend” girlfriend’s vast technical knowledge to create a beautiful and easily navigated site.

So, time to renew my old site. I had a blog years ago that I had outgrown. I “put it down” so to speak and took some time off. When I went to start it up again, I had lost it completely. As upset as I may have been for my own sluggishness in leaving it alone for so long, I was determined to start anew. Now, along with the same name as my old website I will add new content and more subject matter — an expansion of ideas and interests and projects.

I have been a devoted gardener and lover of the outdoors my entire life. As a child I was always in a tree or lying on my back with my sisters looking up to the sky determining what cloud looked like what shape. As I grew up, my love for the outdoors — nature, gardening, etc., never wavered.

When we — my husband and three boys — moved to our current homesite, now lovingly called Elm Tree Manor, a whole new world opened up for us. Our town, a suburb of St. Paul, MN, gave us space. We live on 5+ acres of land, dotted with a forest, pond, and plenty of meadow. Behind us a gentleman’s farm is our backdrop. Needless to say, a wildlife emporium ventured into the yard on a daily basis. (I must point out that our “neighborhood” is a 180 acre hamlet with only 17 homes. And our town has no commercial industry. What is so great about this arrangement is that we have our space, but have towns nearby and the Twin Cities within 20-30 minutes from us. We’ll never move!) What pleasure has been had watching the unfolding of life outside our windows for the past 20 years!

I employ a wonderful camera with all types of lenses at the ready to capture, as best I can, “life in my backyard.” I’ll warn you now, sometimes the photographs are great, sometimes not-so.

I am a writer and have written a manuscript called “A Gardener’s Diary – Creating beauty in the yard and balance in your life.” I have been published in Northern Gardener magazine and enjoy adding text to my photos for my posts.

So, here it is…my content will always contain the out of doors — my yard and gardens, the bee hives, and the wildlife that seem committed to “the slice of heaven” that mother nature and I have created together. But I would also like to include other interests as well. My husband and I just completed a home renovation and I would love to share that with you. I’d also like to share landscaping projects as well as my cooking and baking escapades in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

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