Breakfast of Champions

Well, I’m not a champion but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat like one! I love breakfast. And I love making breakfast. This breakfast plate may look like something one might eat on occasion, but personally, I eat quite often. Maybe I’ll switch it up and just have one piece of bacon — oh, the sacrifice — and substitute whole grain bread for the english muffins, but this morning I felt like I had an excuse. Hhmmm.

I woke to a morning that was conducive to staying in bed — a sky not yet awakened by the sunrise and dampened still by a grumpy mass of clouds. Freezing rain tinked on the gutters and windows, falling silent when all turned to snow. It was lovely.

Even so, today is a day to go cross-country skiing. After getting a blast of cold air by going outside to fill the feeders, etc. — the wildlife waiting patiently for me to get out of the way so they can have their breakfast, I decided that a robust breakfast was in order — no skimping today.

After coffee, catching up on the morning news, and doing light paperwork, I set my sights on preparing a satisfying morning meal. Remember, no skimping. I need this breakfast. I’ll need all the energy that it will provide me as I propel myself forward, trudge up hills, keep my skis and poles working in tandem, and try to look like I know what I’m doing without falling on my arse. Trust me, I need the practice. And since the forecast for the next five days or so is windchills in the negative teens, I will not be out on those days.

So…have I justified my no-skimp breakfast? Even if I haven’t, I’m still going to eat it with much delight and satisfaction. And did you notice the bite taken out of the muffin before I took the picture? I just couldn’t wait!

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7 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Adorable post Julie. Looks yummy and nutritious – perfect energy for cross country skiing! And NO you shouldn’t skimp on the bacon 🙂


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