Out of the ordinary

I adore wild turkeys. They pal around in packs, their big, lumbering bodies looking like a motorcycle gang with their black slick coats; shimmering markings on the turkey’s back mimicking the patches on leather jackets.

Their mannerisms can make me laugh, though. Walking in a single file line is one of them. It has always reminded me of the quote by Obi-Wan Kenobe in Star Wars: A New Hope, regarding Sand people, “They always ride single file to hide their numbers.” I can’t imagine that being the case with the turkeys — their numbers is what can make them an imposing force (point to be made later).

Exuberant is not a word that I would ever equate with wild turkeys. They appear to be very matter-of-fact, coming and going as they please, vigorously eating the cracked corn that is put out for anyone who finds it. In the springtime, even their “amour” is tame — the male fanning his beautiful back feathers hoping to impress stand-offish females, his blue head being the only way you would know he was “excited.”

Yet just the other day, my theory was squashed. Watching a pack of nine turkeys enter the yard and start eating the corn, a few ventured down the hill of the backyard, closer to the pond. There is a little bit of corn that I put down there for the ducks, but of course, everyone has found that spot also. Next thing I notice is this one turkey “jumping for joy.” Over and over again. Something I’d never seen before. Sure, I’ve watched as they’ve fanned their feathers, but this was different — frivolous, joyous…exuberant!?

Look at those feathers! Beautiful — even without any sun or contrast.

I mean, look at that! His mates are like…”what the …”

Well, after he/she settled down food came back into their minds, but a young buck was where they wanted to be. First, they scoped him out.

Then, tried to intimidate.

I though there was going to be a rumble!

But, not wanting to cause a fuss, the pack simply walked — single file of course, back to the forest.

I’m sure the buck was glad to see them go!

What do I always say? “Keep watching, something is always happening!”

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