I think we need some Spring color

Here in Minnesota we have seen sub-zero temperatures with -20 and -30 windchills for the past week. I always think temperatures like that almost become a joke — once you reach a certain absurd temperature, it all starts to feel the same. I’ll tell you what though, when it reaches +6 or 7, it feels like a heat wave.

Since the temps have been pretty lousy, not allowing for sensible extended exercise outside, I’ve been hitting the floral shops. Bringing extra greenery into the house has been very pleasing, providing much needed color that can’t help but offset the monochromatic “colors” that greet me when I look out the windows.

While checking out my favorite florist shop, I noticed a table of differing spring bulbs in pots — very popular this time of year. I bought one, had it wrapped up with double insulation, raced it to the car, and drove home. I planted it in an antique soup terrine that my mother-in-law owned and had given to me as a gift. It always sits on the dining room table. One of the reasons I bought this specific arrangement is that it contained hyacinth bulbs and I knew once those opened up, their scent would fill the air.

So, here goes…”time-lapsed” photography of bulbs pushing through the earth, stems reaching upward and buds bursting into beautiful color many weeks before the outdoor version would ever be possible.

The beginning
the hyacinth bulbs grew that fast in two days!
Oops, better get the other side of the pot–violet crocuses readying to bloom
The weight of the hyacinth bulbs were too great for the stems. I love how they hang over!

I wish I could provide the scent, but hopefully the color of spring bloomers will do!

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2 thoughts on “I think we need some Spring color

    1. You are welcome! It was fun taking pictures every couple of days to watch their growth. And the scent is heavenly. I am enjoying your posts. They give me great ideas!


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