From one to the other

Goldfinches are everywhere. This is their time — when summer flowers start to lose their vibrancy and colors wane — to head to the seeds. Outside of drying on their own and dropping to the ground to propagate the species, the goldfinches help spread the flowers to other parts of the yard.

But I must admit that I rarely think about that as I watch these birds flit from one flower to another, lighting atop a seed head showing off all its glory or camouflaged amongst the tangled web of aging and browning perennials.

On a hollyhock
purple coneflower — loaded with seeds
beautifully camouflaged with the white coneflower
nibbling with a companion

Another phase of the yard and gardens have started. The transformation is just as exciting as the first flush of waking flowers in the Spring. Watch as flowers give up their seeds willingly while still providing the gardens with color on a quieter scale; watch as sedum wakes up and provides the pollinators with nectar from deep red flower heads; and watch as the fluffy silk from the bulbous pods of milkweed open up and take care of dispersing their seeds on the whim of the winds. Still, so much to enjoy!

Eyes open!!

#goldfinches #nature #gardening

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