Hide and Seek

The hummers are abundant in the yard and frequent visitors to the feeder that I have nestled in a small flower bed. Not too far away — fairly adjacent actually — are pink blooming shrub roses that offer pollen delights to any manner of bee and butterfly.

Now I’ve noticed that a juvenile hummingbird likes to perch — and I mean perch, for quite some time — in the depths and tangles of the foliage that support those beautiful pink blooms. I believe it was my daughter-in-law Clara, who pointed out the puffed-up, fairly tousled looking youngling resting on a small dead branch, the thorns a non factor to those tiny feet.

Notice how he is perfectly camouflaged when his throat is not a beacon of red.


We watched throughout the day, as he, with his beautifully adorned red throat, would make his way from that strategic perch to the feeder and back again. It truly was, and still is, a perfect hiding spot for this little guy to rest while keeping an eye on the easily accessible food just next door.

As a matter of fact, I got up from my desk while writing this, took my binoculars and peeked to where this fella likes to perch. Sure enough, he was there. I guess some spots are too good to give up.

Remember, beautiful surprises are everywhere. Watch for patterns — this squatter has been here for a week!

#nature #hummingbirds #rubythroatedhummingbird #hummingbirdsinmn

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