How quickly they grow up

My yard, therefore I, was blessed with 5 fawns this year. Two does gave birth to twins and one doe gave birth to Beatrice, the fawn born in my front yard this past Spring. I have watched through the months as they grew from wobbly, spotted fawns, kept in the shadows by their mothers for their protection, to younglings playing with each other, to confident youths feeling their independence. All the while these four-month olds slowly lost those gorgeous spots, but in exchange earned a sleek winter coat.

These eight will form a pack as the winter months come upon us. They may pick up a few more, with a couple bucks entering the scene here and there. It is a cycle that I never tire of.

So please enjoy this peek of these babes growing up these past months.

newborn Beatrice

Notice these two sets of twins. I can tell the difference between the two by their coat color.

Sisters — that’s one way to get every drop of seed!

The pack is forming…

There will always be scuffles…

Mom and Beatrice — note fading spots.

Set of twins minus spots. Older does getting a darker coat.

It is a bittersweet time of year as we say goodbye to a spring and summer full of wonder, newness and warmth, and enter cooler months where survival tactics are taught and put into use come winter. But lest I forget, September and October will bring us crisp, fall days with wondrous colors. Blooms still fill the yard; bees still hum from plant to plant; and on the cooler breezes tinges of warm sun-rays can be felt radiating through the body. There is always something to be thankful for.

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