The pollinators are out

This past weekend saw the buds on the shrub roses bloom brilliantly, revealing their secret within — large amounts of pollen!

Even though the wind blew fiercely, and not necessarily fond of wind, it wasn’t enough to keep the honey bees away.

And let’s not forget the bumblebee, who will roll around in the heart of the bloom, packing nectar on their bodies and hind legs. Their wings make quite the racket!

Much more quietly and delicately, a little moth drinks sweet nectar from a plant in a pot.

It is a theme that continues on these late spring days as flowers bloom — not only to show off, but to provide much needed food for all our pollinators. Let’s not forget all the cross-pollination that takes place also!

wisteria — one of my faves
globe thistle – 5 or 6 will share a bloom
catmint — a favorite of insects and birds

Grow those flowers, whether in a pot or in the ground, everyone benefits!

#pollinators #pollinatorflowers #nature

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