around the yard.

Well, the goslings sure are growing up! Look at how confident they look now as they glide just as serenely as their parents to the bank of the pond. Out of the water? Still a little awkward as their wings still have to grow to give them ballast.

cute as blazes

I found a cardinal’s nest within a hydrangea bush. The only way I knew it existed was being at the right place at the right time — I watched as the male kept bringing nesting material to the sight. This nest could actually be a decoy, as many times cardinals will build two nests and leave one empty.

Speaking of nests, the bluebirds have hatched a while ago and are settled happily in the nesting box, being waited on day and night by mom and dad. Not a bad gig!

The parents are always very obliging when I take a peek…and a photo.

tangle of beaks and feathers

And right now I see a monarch butterfly dancing gently on the breezes over my vegetable gardens. First one I’ve seen this year. More to follow. Keep that milkweed in your yard!

They also love butterfly weed — a beautiful, orange blooming perennial.

What an exciting time of year! So much newness even though we’ve seen most of it before!

Eyes open — see beauty everywhere! It’s contagious.


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