The Poppy

I love poppies. A large expanse of poppies would be exquisite. The red poppies that take over the field adjacent to the walls of St. Paul Asylum in Saint Remy-de-Provence where Van Gogh stayed are gorgeous…and legendary.

But the problem for me is two-fold:

  1. The bloom time — extremely short

2. I’m cursed when it comes to poppies. Every time I get a poppy that is ready to unfurl, or actually opens, it is hit by inclement weather. Blooms…gone.

Take this year for example. I have one poppy in a flower bed and this year it is actually blooming (none last year), with four more buds to go. I’ve had two days with it — watching it open and standing proudly over the tops of its boxwood backdrop.

What’s coming? Tropical Storm Cristobal! Not in over 100 years has a tropical storm that touched landfall where it did — Louisiana, made its way up the Mississippi Valley and run into us. They always track east and dissipate over the ocean. Until now. So, I invite you to enjoy these pictures of my one lone poppy before…the storm.

note the coverings of the bud on the boxwood
Just look at that! As thin as tissue paper
Hello! Out early on a dewey morning
already showing signs of wear

I have enjoyed keeping an eye on this flower. Although short lived, it reminds me how each and every plant can give joy. Now I can only hope that the other buds stay closed until Cristobal passes.

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