My yard in color

Even with the mild to moderate drought we have been living through here in Minnesota, and an extreme thread of 90+ degree weather (the hottest start to the month of June on record!), the perennials have been working hard to produce their blooms. As much as I can water, nothing takes the place of rain.

I noticed on the wisteria vine that the blooms were not as grand in size or as colorful as in previous years and the single-ruffle peonies had a shorter bloom time. I’ve also noticed that the hosta stalks are not as tall. It is interesting to note these differences depending on weather conditions, and I wonder if we start getting more rain, will the plants be able to make up for lost time?

Even with the drought, though, I have not been disappointed. The plants, able to push through adversity, have provided me with a colorful array of blooms to this early start of summer.

High Voltage climbing rose
White Salvia, purple and blue geraniums, creeping sedum
A type of bell flower? Suggestions…
Catmint, coreopsis, geraniums, goatsbeard, iris’s
Close-up. They blend together so well.
Bumblebee rolling in the pollen and enjoying nectar from a rose shrub bloom.
Fabulous display of wegelia.

More will be forthcoming — summer is just a day old. So much to look forward to!

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