The Addition — Part 2

Our house is a two-story walkout. From the front, it looks like a one story house. From the back it looks like a two-story home. We build it that way to take advantage of the terrain of the property we bought.

The photos in this posting deal with the main level interior of the addition. With the twelve extra feet, we extended the hallway to the master bedroom; moved the hallway closet; created an entrance alcove to the master bedroom suite which includes a sitting room and bedroom; a dressing room with his/her closets and a master bath. The sitting room was our original bedroom and the old closet and bathroom were reconfigured.

Extended hallway leading to master bedroom suite and alcove entrance to bedroom:

front closet on right, doorway to alcove entrance to bedroom suite just beyond.

Bedroom & Sitting room:

foreground is framing of bedroom area

bookshelves in sitting room.

getting there
perfect for reading

The bathroom:

setting the sinks
wide angle photo of bathroom. from left: toilet area, shower, sink area, tub, vanity desk.

Dressing room:

The dressing room can be accessed two ways — directly from the alcove, which also gives access to the sitting room, or from the bedroom.

just needs furniture

The closets:

We now have two closets — his and hers.

access to the closets from the dressing room. mine is on the left, Phil’s on the right.

Plenty of hanging space, shelving, drawers, and shoe shelves in Phil’s closet — even room for a hidden pants press!

My closet.

right side

We love living in our new space. It is very comfortable!

#homerenovation #houseaddition #remodel #homerenovationinmn

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