The side patio transformation

We had a side patio off our sun porch. It was a wonderful placement. Near the garages and off the back of the driveway, a direct view of the backyard and front, we were able to sit and relax while still being in the mix of things. When the boys were young it was so easy to keep an eye on them and partake in the activities they played in the yard. The drawback was that it was hot! In the summer, even with an umbrella it was almost impossible to stay out there for too long. Plus, in the late afternoon and early evening, the sun would be setting right onto the patio. So…when Phil started this renovation project, he/we decided to make the patio more functional. We added a roof, a fireplace with two great openings on either side, a large tri-fold door between the sun porch and patio, beautiful stone work and custom iron railings. I thought it was going to be a snap, but what did I know. Enjoy the photos.

view from driveway. Clear vinyl weather screening — retractable
View from sun porch
View from sunporch with doors open. Vinyl retractable screening down. When in “up” position we are open to the outdoors.

We cannot wait until we can keep the vinyl up on a daily basis. It is a very comfortable and lovely space! Still need to add planters and accessories, but lookin’ pretty good.

Pandemic: Keep our health professionals healthy so they can help the sick. Stay home, wear a mask when you go out, practice social distancing. You won’t end up in the hospital putting our doctors and nurses at risk.

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