Les abeilles sont vivantes!

Yes! The honeybees are alive! (Fist pump!) All three hives! Today, at 46 degrees and partly sunny, I went out for a quick inspection and to place pollen patties on the hives. And I’m glad I did it today because Hive 1 and 2 had gone through their sugar patties and Hive 3 only had a little left. Even though they probably still have some honey stores in the top box, they need protein right now to help fuel their glands to produce brood food.

This weekend I will check their honey stores by removing some frames. Removing frames should not be done unless it is above 50 degrees, and tomorrow will be in the high 50’s and Sunday will be in the 60’s. Hurrah! Hopefully they will have enough so I don’t have to feed them sugar syrup. I’d like to refrain from that because I do not want to “stimulate” with sugar — it will encourage them to raise brood before it is good for them.

As it is, my little ladies are alive and well. And good numbers to boot! I am so proud that they were able to withstand those sub-zero temperatures throughout February and come out “kicking” on the other side.

I’ll take pictures this weekend when I can keep the hive open for a little while longer.

Signs of Spring? Yes.

#honeybees #honeybeesinmn #beekeeping #beekeepinginmn #backyardbeekeeping

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