They’re back…

Can you guess who by the color of the eggs?

The bluebirds —

A sure sign of spring.

I never tire of seeing that streak of blue flash through the sky. It is an immediate response of joy, of hope that spring is not far off. Usually I see the male first, scoping out the nesting boxes, and a couple of days later the female shows up. This year I saw them both today. I get into action and put out live mealworms for them to eat. Not a lot of live insects outside yet.

Take a look at these beauts as they eagerly choose just the right box to raise their brood.

the misses keeping a close eye

Eyes open, everyone. So much is happening this time of year… right in your backyard.

Pandemic: We are all in this together. As Americans we have a responsibility to band together and take care of ourselves, each other, and our country. Stay inside, take a walk outside at a safe distance from others, feel the sun on your face. Follow the rules — no one is immune. Stay safe!

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