Canadian Geese

I love Canadian Geese. They are beautiful creatures, and if they leave their poop behind, so what.

These geese mate for life. Their loyalty to one another is beautiful. During hunting season, or anytime really, if one is shot down (awful) the other will circle back and stay next to its felled companion, putting the mate in jeopardy also. If one loses its mate, they will remain alone, unless they are lucky enough to find another lonely soul.

I have been privy to their mating ritual. It is a sight to behold — a dance on the water. I can always tell when they are in an amorous mood. In tandem both start bobbing their heads in the water in unison. Repeatedly. Then he mounts her, not bullying her, she does not glide away in disinterest, or act coy. It is one seamless act of tenderness. Afterward, he flaps his wings as in complete happiness as she swoons.

Afterward, a much needed rest! And, I must ask — are the mallards trying out the ritual?!

Keep watch out your windows — something is always happening!

Pandemic: Listen to the rules. Stay alive. Keep your loved ones healthy by keeping yourself healthy. Don’t do anything to put yourself at risk! Let’s work together — quarantine and social distance.

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