The mighty pileated

They could never be a spy, announcing themselves long before they come into sight. Landing securely on a tree trunk, they then scope out their surroundings. Finding a food source they move quickly, ready to latch onto, as best they can, the hearty, fat-filled suet.

Such a balancing act they perform as their feet take hold of the feeder, their massive body overwhelming the tiny suet cage. But, there is a solution…

This pileated decided to take an easier route to consume a late afternoon snack — perch, take a seat, and eat. This is a sight I don’t see very often, in fact I can’t recall ever seeing a pileated on this feeder. Oh well, sometimes comfort must come first!

Keep watching — something new is always out there.

Pandemic: Please! stay safe, obey the rules in your state. If you keep yourself healthy, you keep your loved ones healthy!

#pileatedwoodpecker #pileatedinMN #birds #nature #zerotohero

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