Danger in the sky

What a kerfuffle! I am working innocently in my kitchen, minding my own business, when I happen to look out the windows toward the pond. The geese and ducks were all in a flurry and I couldn’t understand why.

And then I saw it! An incredible sight of a bald eagle circling the pond…repeatedly. I’ve seen them over my house, much higher up, but never so close, so low, exhibiting such menacing behavior, as it searched out its next victim.

It was a call to action for the inhabitants on the pond. Into formation they went — geese, mallards, wood ducks — all working together. They stayed in this position hopefully to confuse? look larger? I don’t know…

Circle the eagle did, but to no avail. The water fowl stayed calm, stayed in position, until the eagle, taking a break in a tree, decided to scope out another area.

So what does this tell us in today’s pandemic situation? Stick together, my friends. Work together. If we all cooperate with each other, and follow the rules, we can prevail over Covid-19.

Stay safe!

#nature #natureinMN #baldeagle #baldeagleinMN #canadiangeese #mallards #woodducks #survival #zerotohero #pandemic #Covid19

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