Bakyard activity

Come Spring, the yard is teaming with life. And in the eyes of nature’s call, thoughts of amour and mating rituals can be seen everywhere. On the pond, geese, mallards and wood ducks have chosen their mates and can be seen dottering around the yard together. On dry land, pairs of bluebirds and tree swallows can be seen vying for nesting boxes.

But it is the pheasants that give the most show and drama. They are ever present in the yard — all year round, and this time of year, the male needs to work very hard to secure his “harem.”

His mating ritual is not discreet as he chases his disinterested candidate around the yard. Once he has her attention, he fans his feathers, displaying his size and exquisite coloring.

looking mighty impressive
even with the snow gone, the ritual continues…”come with me, please”
with his harem. still displaying

Such an impressive sight as he puffs himself up and fans those tail feathers. Who could resist?!

But that’s not all. Now he has to keep! his mating rights and harem to himself. This is where it gets interesting as he competes with other males in the area. Look out, cock fights really do happen…

I noticed some menacing behavior by two males in the back yard. Getting my camera ready from the sky box that is my kitchen, I watched and waited. But not for long. The strikes were quick and meaningful as each male challenged the other to the area that includes my backyard and the hens that occupy it.

ready and…

Again and again

It is a sight to behold. Honestly, I don’t know who won. But someone gets the spoils. The funny thing is, throughout the season more than one rooster (male pheasant) can always be seen throughout the yard, although I think everyone has been put in their place.

Keep your eyes open. Something is always happening!

#pheasants #matingrituals #nature #cockfight #natureinmn

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