After a long day of doing what I do all day, I am tired. Yes, I am a housewife, but feel that I am so much more than that, given the stigma that surrounds the word and occupation. I make no excuses.

My days are filled with obligations that come from running a household, working with contractors who have started coming around again to finish Spring projects, and I also have to find the time to tend to my gardens and bee hives, which are my true loves.

So, like I said, at the end of the day, I like to relax before dinner. If you’ve perused my website, you’ll know that I also like to cook and bake, so putting dinner on the table is not a chore, unless I am so engrossed in yard work that I just don’t want to eat, or take the time to cook. Either way my husband and I like to have a drink before dinner — a cocktail or a glass of wine does nicely. While that leads to “tucking in” at the table, we always have our eye on the pond. This time of year it is teaming with life and soon we should see ducklings and goslings. And then as dusk truly takes hold, the deer come around to graze. They look quite mangy about now as they shed their winter coats. Soon that smooth, sleek coat and tight shape will take hold, and not soon after, fawns will emerge and bucks will start growing their antlers again.

Point being, when I look to my backyard at the end of the day and see these scenes, how can I not feel calmed, serene.

just hanging out

We can also let dusk turn to dawn to find more beautiful scenes.

Here…wood ducks enjoying their cracked corn breakfast!

Find your own peace.

#nature #woodducks #mallards #canadiangeese

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