Let’s see what’s happening…

in the yard today.

The pair of bluebirds have successfully chosen their nesting box and built a nest. A quick inspection revealed a joyous sight.

now we wait for the hatchlings

Dandelions have whipped up quickly “on the slope.” I leave them there because…I think they are lovely in that space and…it is a great pollen source for the honeybees.

Pollen comes into the hive as many different colors depending on the source. Look at the vibrant color of the dandelion pollen packed tightly around the bee’s hind legs.

And watch as she harnesses even more pollen on her legs before heading back to the hive.

Keep your eyes open — really look. Something is always happening.

#bluebirds #nestingbluebirds #honeybees #honeybeesgatheringpollen

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