These dudes just won’t quit

Yet another cock fight. Oh brother. My yard seems to be a hot territory! There are three roosters (male pheasants) that dotter around the yard throughout the year. One, who I truly believe is the distinct loser this season, has no long tail feathers left. I feel bad for him. He trots around looking busy, but I believe he is stuck waiting until those feathers grow back before he becomes a contender again. Interestingly, he is the largest of the three. Look at his girth!

But the other two! Goodness…they won’t stop! If I don’t see them, I hear them, rustling and tussling. But just the other day, by the garden plots, they were at it again. I am always amazed at their acrobatic skills. But, maybe I give them too much credit and they are simply trying to land on their feet without getting hurt.

The spar and stare down:

circling each other

Then the attack

And a cluster of airborne feathers and locked claws

Still not finished, after a brief stare-down, they retreat to the taller grass, feathers flared, for another round.

The victor? I do not know. Let’s just hope for chicks in the yard later on.

#pheasants #cockfight #breedingseason #territorialrights #nature

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