The Super Moon

I love all the different names of the full moon — Harvest moon, Blood moon, Wolf moon and, for my sake, this time around, the Super moon. The Super moon gets its name because this full moon makes the closest pass to Earth.

Last Thursday night the moon was indeed full, its bright rays lighting up the sky, creating a nocturnal playground. Although I slept well that night, I woke Friday morning at 5 am. Instead of trying to get back to sleep, I was compelled to get up and enjoy the quiet that a silent, waking morning can offer.

Looking out my kitchen windows onto the back yard, I noticed the full Super moon. Still on its downward descent, I was able to watch its waning command of the land as it muted the new-born sky in pale pinks, golds, and blues.

As the sun monopolizes its hold over the waking morning sky, the moon yields.

I hope your mornings allow you to create your own peace.

#sunrise #supermoon #supermoon2020 #peacefulmornings #nature

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