A real stand-out on a gloomy day

Who can mistake the brilliance of the Baltimore Oriole! That orange and black is regal. My eye is now trained to watch for a spectrum of magnificent colors that seem to breeze through the yard on a daily basis.

But on a tired day — one that just doesn’t want to get up, the orange of the Oriole is a beacon. It stands out and does not get muddled with the backdrop of a dingy canvas. Not to mention it is an absolute color-match to the orange of the…well, orange.

Of course, the male does out shine the female in coloring, but she still holds her own. Much more tawny than the male, she sports a more subtle coat.

enjoying a grape jelly treat — a favorite.

It is very rare for me to see the pair together, so I was quite pleased to capture them both.

#baltimoreoriole #nature #natureinmn #birding #birdinginthemidwest

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