Unbelievable cuteness!!

Disclaimer: I must apologize for my childish text, but with pictures like these, it seemed appropriate.

Yesterday…an unbelievable shock, great as it was! and surprise! Mr. and Mrs. C. Goose with their eight adorable offspring. I’ve never had goslings around the pond this early in the season!

After coming inside from a round of landscaping, I looked out onto the pond and there they were. As Yoda would say, “stupefied, I was.” I dashed to the camera and took pictures all day and today. The doting parents were very attentive as they watched and stood by their every move.

All season, I put cracked corn down by the pond for the waterfowl and they immediately took to it.

But not to be denied their natural fare, mom and dad walked them around to show them other food sources.

Of course, the water cannot be denied, and into formation they swam,

Leaving the water and coming up the bank, a little dry-off is necessary,

Now, let’s have a race…

And most definitely a rest,

At the end of the day, everyone lingered on the pond to introduce themselves to the newcomers.

Now, how about a few baby wood ducks as playmates!

#goslings #canadiangeesegoslings #nature #natureinmn

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