I swear this bluebird….

was trying to tell me something.

I was sitting at my little desk in the sun porch working on my computer. I keep this little desk where it is because it looks out over the backyard. At one moment I look up and the male is right outside the window directly in front of me, like a hovering Harrier jet. I watched. He left. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he stared me down…

Sorry the photos are so bad. They were taken very quickly (although I swear he wanted me to take them, he stayed in position long enough), and through a screen!

What the heck! Did he want more mealworms?! Then, he dashed to the grass and grabbed a very large…I don’t know what, but gross. Obviously a tasty meal for his babes.

a good smack on the sundial rendered the grub a tastier and less squirmy treat.

Maybe he was saying, “I can do you one better.” Well, I hope so.

#bluebirds #nature

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