Nature’s finest

The great thing about Spring is the newness it brings, especially new life.

Take a look at what I found in my front yard this morning! Barely discernible, I passed it twice before I noticed this most beautiful fawn.

It had to have been born last night. I called the MN Dept of Natural Resources, went to the prompt for this type of thing, and the recording said, “If you care, leave it there.” Deer will often give birth in people’s yards. During the day they will leave the fawns to feed and deter predators, coming back at night to care for the newborn.

I did not get too close with my camera, but used a zoom lens. I know mama isn’t far off and is probably watching. I’ll keep you posted on any new developments. Sleep tonight? I don’t know — I’ll be watching.

Nature can bring such joy!

#fawns #fawnnsinmn #birthoffawn #nature #fawnningrass

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