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I have two does that are regulars in the yard. One, of course, if you’ve been reading past entries, is the mother of “Beatrice,” the fawn that was born in my front yard about three weeks ago.

Bea’s mother is a constant sight around the yard as she feeds — tree branches, meadow grasses, but mostly she devours the cracked corn that I put out for anyone who wants it. Bea’s mother is gorgeous. She is sleek, a beautiful coat and color, and no visible scars that belie tragic circumstances.

Enter the other doe.

I mostly see her around the fringes. She will come to the feed zone to nibble on easy-pickin’s, but most of the time she forages on mother nature’s bounty. Larger than Bea’s mother, she exudes confidence as she searches for food to keep her little one’s in fortified milk. A small scar on her left haunch is another way to differentiate the two.

A couple of days ago, towards the dinner hour, I was looking out the kitchen windows when I saw a doe out by the bee yard. We keep the bee yard mowed down and also mow paths in the grasses so we can take walks. It also helps me see the goings-on that takes place on those paths. But behind her I saw movement. Practically tripping over my husband I readied the camera. Sure enough, two brown, speckled, long-legged fawns! The joy!

Don’t get me wrong, Bea is still first in my heart, but this scene was idyllic. They look to be about the same age as Bea and my mind wanders as to where the doe gave birth to them. No matter. What I do know is that in years past when two does give birth in/around my yard, the two groups (minus the bucks) come together. I am hoping that happens again this year.

But for now, watching them catch up to their mother and stay by her side was enough.

It is so exciting to know that if these fawns, plus Bea, stay safe and healthy that this season will provide so many watchable moments as they grow up.

#whitetaildeer #fawns #nature

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