Our oldest son is here visiting from Brooklyn. Olive accompanied him.

A Great-spangled Fritillary on a very tall, thorny thistle.

gorgeous colors

Note the fritillary’s proboscis entering deep into the thistle to get to the nectar.

Damselflies down by the pond mating. If you have a romantic heart, it is said that their coupling forms a heart!

The honeysuckle bush draping over the retaining wall, yellow loosestrife below. Can you find the honeybee?

Here she is,

Grabbing all the nectar deep inside,

Bluebird fledglings still relying on mom and dad for food.

Question for you: In the next photo, is dad tossing the mealworm to the fledgling to get him to learn to catch on the fly? Or is this simply a dropped transfer. I believe it is the first.

The Sandhill Crane family that I wrote about earlier ended up on our driveway. Of course worker’s trucks surrounded the two adults and two offspring, so my photos are suspect. But I can say that the chicks have grown up a lot!

parent and one chick
my, how they grow

The Carolina Wrens have found a home. They are constant chirpers, singing their arias to every inhabitant of the yard.

nesting materials inside. I can never get a pic of the birds!

You know what I say, “keep looking, something is always happening!”

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