To innocent beauty

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the goings-on in the yard these past couple of weeks. Then, in terms of this website, it makes it hard to know what content to show — I get overwhelmed.

Plus, my husband and I had a visit from our oldest son who wanted to get away from Brooklyn and the Covid situation — a change from monotonous rhythms. Also, I celebrated a birthday — like Zsa Zsa, I don’t tell — and I took last week off to have a staycation with my husband, who also took the week off.

Now it’s Monday, and while I watch and try to pursue a hummingbird that will not leave the rafters of our covered porch, I leave you with the “innocent beauty” that is inherent in nature.

Beatrice is out in the open more. She still stays close to mom.

learning from mom

Of course, the twins will not be shown up. Not only do they come around with mom, but they show off their running and jumping skills throughout the backyard. Too fast and chaotic to capture on film, I’m happy with a more serene scene.

The bluebirds, still feeding their fledglings, have put up another brood readying to hatch.

And for the first time in 20 years of watching this backyard, a pair of wild turkeys dote on their only chick. What happened to the others I don’t dare speculate. But they seem just as proud to protect, raise, and ready this chick for adulthood. Unbelievably cute.

do you see me?

Enable yourself to see past the ugliness and unrest in the world right now. Focus on the beauty that is all around you.

#wildturkeys #bluebirds #fawns #fawntwins #nature

2 thoughts on “To innocent beauty

  1. Great post, Julie!! 🙂


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