The honeybees are “tucked in”…

for the impending winter.

Ten days ago, I treated the three hives with oxalic acid — vaporizer style. I watched the forecast for a day that would give me 39-40 degree weather during the day. You should have seen me, as the temp made its way up, waiting to see 39 degrees. I went out at 39 degrees and finished up at 41. It was perfect.

This past Saturday, I opened the hives to put sugar patties on the frames of the top box, which is filled with honey. They look just like pollen patties but are sugar.

I put a glob of the mixture in-between two sheets of wax paper and press down with palm of hand or rolling pin to make a large oval. I put two on each hive. It is just an added food protection, especially come February when the queen starts to lay again.

I put the inner cover back on, added a moisture board, a couple of sticks on top of that and then the cover. The sticks raise up the telescoping cover and allow for more ventilation. Last, but not least, I put the “bee cozy” over the two-deep colonies.

The sticks are holding the cozy above the “mouse guard” entrance reducer. They look very snug! Bring on winter…

#winterizinghoneybees #honeybeesinmn #nature #backyardbeekeeping

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